Where I live (the Midwest United States) we have a tipping culture. Most servers in restaurants and bars rely on tips to make a living, their regular wages are for the most part very low.

There’s a movement to increase wages for these workers and do away with the tipping culture. I know that there are some servers who make a lot in tips and this would hurt them, but I have to think this change could only be good for the majority of workers affected.

As long as this tipping ritual is the norm I will hold fast to my current and long term approach. I always tip. Always.

There are those who will start at a particular percentage of the bill and then shave points off for service they deem less than superior. This is petty.

There are those who just don’t tip at all. I understand if there is some confusion over who is supposed to be paying or something like that, otherwise I don’t see an excuse for this.

People who work in the service sector work hard. They have to hustle, and they have to hustle for people who can be rude or ungrateful or crazy or abusive or any number of things.

People depend on tips and even more it’s a simple sign of respect, it’s easy and it’s convenient. If I can afford to eat or drink in an establishment then I can afford to tip.


2 thoughts on “Tip

  1. If the service is bad enough that I don’t want to leave a tip, that means I have already talked to the manager about it.

    I won’t hold kitchen mistakes against a server either. Normally I tip 18% or higher, but I agree that I would prefer to see that culture eliminated and higher wages paid overall.

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