NaBloPoMo Y’all

November 1st, Halloween is over (le bummer) and it’s NaBloPoMo – National Blog Post Month – Rock. I did NaBloPoMo last November and rocked that shit so I’m doing it again.

There is no specific focus here, I usually just take off writing and see where it goes. Poetry, fragments, atheism and secular issues, antitheist rants, thoughts on past personal events or music or books or writing – I’ll be posting all that this month as always.

And though November is the “traditional” month for NaBloPoMo I understand that lots of bloggers do the deed other months or all year long, I’m thinking about that. For the last month or two I’ve been posting a lot.

Oh and hey, I’ve never registered my posts at any of the NaBloPoMo registration sites. If you participate in NaBloPoMo do you register your blog? If so where? Has it been a big plus for you and your blog?


5 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Y’all

  1. I registered at BlogHer, but that means crossposting. The good thing with that is you can be featured by them (even if you aren’t a “her”) which can drive up traffic some. Plus, if you do post everyday you get registered for different prizes.

    On this side, I just take part in the Nano Poblano group, an subset of WP bloggers doing NaBloPoMo. More like a support group, eventually.

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