Glassy eyes tell of a great night

I looked up from my soapy hands and into the bathroom mirror. My face was slightly flushed and my eyes were watery. “You look like you had a good time last night” I thought to myself. And I did.

Katie, the boys, and I went to some friends’ house yesterday afternoon a little after 3. They have a beautiful place out in the country, a house surrounded by woods with a lake a couple dozen yards off their back deck.

Our friends have a little boy a year younger than our oldest son who’s 8. They are great friends when they get to see each other, going to different schools though they don’t get together as much as I might like.

A few other families were there, some people in costume some not. I guess there were probably 8 or 10 kids running around playing. There was chili and hot dogs and chili dogs, deviled eggs and sausage and cheese, beer and wine, and classic rock on the stereo.

We left about 6, leaving our oldest to spend the night there. We took our youngest, who is 2, to meet my parents in Boonville, MO. He was going to stay overnight with them.

After dropping off the little one we headed to my brother’s where another Halloween party was in full effect in his garage. By the time the night would end there were to be probably 25 or 30 people, mostly friends of my brother’s wife, playing beer pong, listening to a lot of great music (we listened to the entire “Damned Damned Damned” album), doing shots, eating nachos and Funyons, and talking loudly.

Did I mention Jello shots? My sister-in-law made a shit ton of Jello shots. Many of them were watermelon which I avoided, but I made war upon the grape ones along with Dos Equis and Busch beer till early in the morning when I crashed with my wife on a couch in the living room (I moved to another couch after a while so everyone got a little more room).

We got up this morning for biscuits and gravy at my brother’s place and then went to get H at our friends’ place. After gathering him it was off to a diner to meet Mom and Dad with little A and get some lunch, though for my own part I was still half full of biscuits and gravy. I went to the bathroom at the diner and looked into the mirror. I felt tired but otherwise fine, my glassy eyes told on me though, I had a fucking blast last night.


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