H as Bane

Bane #Halloween

My man H digs “Ben 10.” This summer we spent a couple of days in New York and made sure to plan, besides the landmarks I thought he needed to see, a few fun spots for H to enjoy as an 8 year old boy. One of those spots was New York Costumes: Halloween Adventure, which was recommended by Renae who supervises the after school club (Adventure Club) Henry enjoys every afternoon.

In the monstrous costume shop (it’s big) H spied a Ben 10 Spidermonkey costume. A helpful staff-member assisted us, and H tried it on. Spidermonkey has an extra set of arms which were held on with velcro and straps to the “real” arms and a tail held on with velcro. It’s a nice costume for trick-or-treating or playing. We bought it and brought it back home with us.

Some time between then and Halloween H decided that instead of Spidermonkey he wanted to be the Batman villain Bane.

Katie usually makes the boys’ costumes. With Spidermonkey out of the picture she was back on the hook for Bane. She made a mask from a stocking hat and felt. Black pants and black gumboots covered him from the waist down.

The big job was the torso. Bane is a big muscledy muscle-man. She used her favorite big muscledy muscle-man, Yours Truly, as a form. She put me in a tee-shirt and wrapped tape around it, then cut the shirt off. After that she put it on Henry, filled the excess with cloth for muscles and taped it back together.

I thought H’s Bane looked pretty wicked. He and Katie got a lot of compliments on the outfit. Most importantly H got lots of candy Halloween night.


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