atheist, among other things…

Why “atheist?”

We secular types love playing with our descriptors. When I first acknowledged myself as a nonbeliever and then later got more serious about it, deciding to become active in the secular community, I played around with what to call myself.

I was reading classic and more modern freethought and atheist literature and looking into different philosophies and approaches. I tried out “Humanist,” “Secular Humanist,” “Freethinker,” “Naturalist,” “Metaphysical Naturalist,” “Materialist,” and a few others. Many of these I still use as descriptors of part or all of my epistemology or some other facet of my worldview or approach to things.

I went with “atheist” in large part because when I used one of these other words, if someone asked me what I meant by it (and they did), then the “a” word tumbled outta my mouth anyway. So I started going with it up front and I’m glad I did. “Atheist” is an honest, straightforward term I always feel comfortable with, one that fits my viewpoint and personality without equivocation. I can start with atheist and build from there.

“Atheist” describes my approach to religious belief. I also use “antitheist,” and some of the labels listed above plus a few others to describe myself at different times for different purposes. I like to use “godless,” now and again, like on this blog. When I use godless I mean more by it than just atheist, though atheism is a big part of it. I’ll write about that some other time(s).

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4 thoughts on “atheist, among other things…

    • Coolness. I’m either an agnostic atheist or a gnostic atheist myself, depending on the particular god claim. And there’ve been some kickass deists: Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Ethan Allen among others.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  1. Thanks for posting. There seems to a lot (I mean *a lot*) of blogs devoted to worship. Glad to see there is an atheist voice growing as well.

    In response to the previous commenter I would say I’m an anti-theist, in the Hitchens mode.


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    • Still miss Christopher Hitchens. I listen to his recording of the audiobook of “God is not Great” now and then. Have you read his “Letters to a Young Contrarian?” It’s not strictly an atheist book but it’s a great (and quick) read.

      It’s good to meet another hardcore atheist. Thanks for stopping and commenting tastehitch. 🙂


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