Her eyes caught the melody…

I’m reading “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde. It’s been slow going. I get distracted, sometimes by the ideas presented, which are so fun to play with that I have to stop reading and throw them around. As you probably know, every other line pops as a quote (Wilde quotes are littered all over the internet). The book is entertaining and provoking, so provoking I don’t know when I’ll get through it.

I went over to my little brother’s place Saturday night. He and his wife have purchased a charming house out in the country about 15 or 20 minutes from us. A couple, friends of theirs, were over to visit too, they left rather early and my brother and I stayed up drinking beer and talking till I finally crashed out about 4 in the AM. My brother stayed up to watch the sunrise from his big eastward facing porch. Wish I could’ve watched it with him but I was out.

My brother and I have always been close, shared a lot, but in the last couple of years things have gone on with both of us that we hadn’t been able to share with the other, until Saturday night. Not all the things we shared were positive but it was good to get all caught up.

I gotta go now, I’m sure there’s something very important I need to get busy neglecting.


2 thoughts on “Her eyes caught the melody…

  1. I know he was only one part of the movie, but I kept reading that book in George Sanders’ voice.

    It’s good that y’all got to catch up, good times and not so much.

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    • That’s funny. In my head as I’m reading Dorian Gray is voiced by Freddy Mercury, Lord Henry is a young Peter Cushing. 🙂

      And thanks, it was good to catch up.


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