a dusting of snow

A dusting of #snow

Just sent an email that I should have sent months ago. I emailed back and forth with someone about a project and then I didn’t respond to their last message. I just came across it and instantly wanted to kick the hell outta myself. Way to go ass.

H and I went to a friend’s house yesterday for a “playdate.” We’ve visited friends many times and he’s played with kids of course but I think this was the first event labeled an official playdate. I had to ask my wife before we left if I was supposed to stay or just drop him off. She didn’t know, so I just winged it (which honestly is how I do about 98% of everything).

H’s friend is a girl who is a year younger than him. They play together almost everyday at their afterschool program (it’s called “Adventure Club” here and it is wonderful). Her Dad and I work for the same company (in the same building, but it’s a big building) and I ended up staying the whole time and talking with him about all kinds of stuff. We all really had a good time, H and his friend had a big time (no fighting, no whining, just awesome) and I was glad to get to know her Dad a little better.

It snowed here a little on Thursday. We were supposed to get more yesterday but didn’t get much to speak of. It came down thick for a while earlier today, tiny flakes that didn’t pile up too much. I expect it’ll be gone in a couple days. The photo above is from in front of our house.

Take care


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