“I just wanted to apologize for the other day, when I proposed to you.” *

Note to self: go through DVDs, see which Wes Anderson movies we have and which ones we need.

Yesterday was Sunday. That means that countless preachers and other esteemed clergy stood up and told a lot of trusting people that they had been born with “original sin,” that they needed to repent of their “evil thoughts,” and that they were destined for, and deserved, postmortem torture. A shitty thing to do.

Was heading back to our office and ran into one of my officemates along the way. He was grinning, full of a story so I stopped. Apparently a conversation about religion occured while I was out of the room. Probably a good thing I missed it.

Waiting nervously for the grand jury decision out of Ferguson Missouri. So many of our societal problems reflected in this ordeal.

I’m proud of my friend.

This day hasn’t been especially horrible or taxing but I would prefer nonetheless to spend the rest of it in bed.

Take care

* post title from the film Royal Tenenbaums


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