cartoons for everyone

H is home sick. He started running a fever Monday night and so Katie stayed home with him yesterday. By last night he had added a cough. He got up in the middle of the night and threw up. That sucks because he very rarely does, so it bothers him more than I think it would someone who just tossed their cookies all the time for sport.

He’s home watching tons of cartoons, which is awesome, but I can tell he feels pretty bad. It’s a helluva way to get a cartoon marathon. In the meantime Katie has got hold of it. So while the plan was for me to stay with him today if needed she’s there sick with him. No fun taking care of a sick kid while you yourself feel like shit.

Read this morning that a bunch of social media accounts associated with Hamas are running cartoons glorifying yesterday’s terrorist attack at a Jerusalem synagogue. Something about Islam and cartoons…


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