“But I’m of different blood” *

Half of my family is sick. Skepticon #sk7 is this weekend. They will not, I repeat NOT, drag me into their cough filled high temperature world.

A (2 year old son) and I are the well ones. We went off to school and then to work this morning. On the way we were listening to Amon Amarth ‘cos A and I both like metal. We were listening to the album Deceiver of the Gods. A is digging the title track but as the second track “As Loke Falls” gets going he asks to switch it up. He wants to listen to Helloween’s album Straight Out of Hell. I told him we’d stick with Amon Amarth because I was driving and didn’t want to goof with changing the music, and I was enjoying what we were listening to.

Through the whole song he’s calling for me to change it and I kept telling him we were going to stick with what we were listening to. As the song ended he clapped his hands and said “Yay, I like that song.”

A coworker who lived for years in Kentucky told us that mistletoe is sometimes gathered with shotguns. We were skeptical but…

* post title from “Deceiver of the Gods” by Amon Amarth


2 thoughts on ““But I’m of different blood” *

  1. My father used a gun to hang a rope that went on a tire swing. I am not sure how exactly, I just know it was done, so nothing surprises me anymore :0)


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