Five Eggs and a Plan of Action

I’m in Springfield Missouri at Skepticon. I like to say that Skepticon is a sacrament. I’m here every year. This and our American Atheists convention, every year.

It’s been amazing to watch both events and others like them grow and develop. The crowds that we might have gotten a few years ago at a national convention are now easily surpassed by regional events, and the national events have grown much bigger and better.

I had lunch with other organizers of Columbia Atheists. Guess we had to go to a convention in another town to get together. We discussed some issues facing the group and came up with some plans to address them. I feel good about that, hopefully I’ll still feel good about it after I do what I need to do.

Lunch was at a Waffle House (not my choice). I had eggs, sausage, and a waffle. This evening I went to a local joint that I hadn’t been in in over twenty years. It didn’t look like it’d changed much. I had an omelette and hashbrowns, wheat toast, coffee. I had two breakfasts today, I could live like this.


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