“His black mane sweeps across his face” *

Back home from another great Skepticon. Sitting here in the quiet living room listening to Electric Wizard’s Dopethrone and goofing around with some of my fountain pens.

I was able to see some good friends that I don’t see enough, one of the most important parts of a con. I needed to get some opinions here and there, catch others up on what I’m doing, and get caught up on what they have going.

I feel a little rejuvenated, not a lot, but a net gain from the weekend. I came away with some ideas and some schemes. The thing is to let other’s words bounce around in the brainpan and then see what the shit comes out of it. I think this weekend was a good one for giving me a little inspiration and a couple of nudges.

This is all very mumbly-jumbly. I imagine you wondering what the hell I’m talking about really. I’m sorry, this is all you get until further details are made public.

It’s a peaceful Sunday night but I expect this week to be a hell of a mess. Holiday weekend coming up, countless schedules to contend with and errands to be run. Rumors that the Ferguson Grand Jury decision will soon be made public – shit.

Anyway, hang in there

Skepticon #sk7

* post title from “Barbarian” by Electric Wizard


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