coffee, lost toiletry items

No indictment. There are some pretty goddamned big whys that need to be addressed.

Thinking about the conversations I’ll have with my boys about racism past and present.

A long weekend coming. Food, laughter, travel, worry that a child has wandered into another room or to close to something, beer, old stories, heartburn, people asleep on floors and living room furniture, old movies, gossip, resentment, tenderness, sports, coffee, lost toiletry items, music, pretty lights, romance…

History represents human nature as it is in real life, alas, too often a melancholy retrospect! Romance displays only the amiable side of the picture; it shews the pleasing features, and throws a veil over the blemishes: Mankind are naturally pleased with what gratifies their vanity; and vanity, like all other passions of the human heart, may be rendered subservient to good and useful purposes.

from “The Old English Baron” by Clara Reeve


2 thoughts on “coffee, lost toiletry items

  1. I wish Matthew were home so I could get his take on it as an 18-year old. I know he was part of a lot of protests at school after Trayvon Martin but now that he is out I wonder how things are on that side of the state, where it is a lot less diverse.

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