Hello old familiar chair

Katie’s sitting on the couch with her quilt. She turned on the Chiefs-Broncos and is looking at her phone. My little brown recliner is nice and familiar after a few days away. It’s Sunday night, we left the house early Wednesday evening and returned a couple of hours ago.

We drove down to Katie’s parents’ place Wednesday and did the usual Thanksgiving on Thursday. Beer, Cold Duck, lots of great food of course, we go to a fireworks display in downtown Sedalia MO, a refreshing walk from her parents’ place, every year on Thanksgiving night.

We drove to Katie’s grandparents’ place in Springfield MO Friday morning. It wasn’t only a Thanksgiving event, her Grandpa turned 90 on Thanksgiving Day. There was a family thing Friday night and then a friends-family thing early Saturday evening.

It was a good weekend, a lot of good people that I really love. Good in-laws make life a lot easier and I have some damned good ones. The family is rich in toddlers and we had a lot of people staying in the same house for a few days, not every moment was 100% tension free. But there was plenty of sweetness and laughter and affection.

We drove back to central Missouri but instead of coming straight home we went to my brother’s place. He had a good big crowd of family (his and his wife’s) and friends. We had another great meal with a lot of excellent people and returned home after that.

Saw lots of people that I love the past few days, right now I’m loving being back in my living room.

#fireworks downtown Sedalia MO USA

(photo: Fireworks in downtown Sedalia MO, Thanksgiving night 2014)


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