talkin’ ’bout the icthus and its ilk

“Public forum to be held regarding religious symbols on public property,” tonight at the public library.

This event is spurred by the inclusion of a religious symbol, an icthus or “Jesus Fish” on a monument on the courthouse grounds. You can read a good take on it here.

I’m planning to attend wearing an American Atheists sweatshirt.

Is a Jesus Fish on a monument on a courthouse lawn the worst thing that American Christians do? No.

But –

Every time they claim this is a Christian nation and that atheists should “love it or leave it,” symbols like these are what they point to. Every time they claim that laws should be based on their bullshit superstitions, because Christianity is an “important part of,” or more wrongheaded: “the basis of culture,” symbols like this are what they point to.

We atheists and secularists should be visible at things like this if for no other reason than that they know we are here.


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