pizza, beer, gingerbread houses, trees and lights

A, Grandma, and Mommy at Uncle Matt's

Went to my brother’s place yesterday afternoon to hang out, eat pizza, and decorate gingerbread houses. My Mom and Dad were there (A, his Grandma, and Katie are pictured above) and some of my brother and his wife’s neighbors/friends came over and brought their little girl to join in the fun.

H and his gingerbread house

I didn’t know if H (above with his house) would dig the gingerbread house action but he spent quite a while sifting through different candies and icing up the structure. A fair amount of candy had to be swallowed of course, otherwise what would be the point?

#Porch #Beer

As I mentioned, we had pizza. I’m not one to stand on tradition, but the tradition of beer with pizza is one I will throw myself into quite happily. Yesterday was beautiful and warm, out of place this time of year. What’s not out of place is a beer on a porch with a view of the countryside.

H and Mom setting up the tree

We returned home in time for A to go to bed (after taking a nap on the way home) and then for H and Katie to set up the tree and get the lights on it. H was bummed that they didn’t get the ornaments on before it was time for him to go to bed. I’m told those are scheduled for this evening though, so he has that to look forward to.


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