thoughts, asides, besides – 17 Dec. ’14

Headline reads: act of terrorism “isn’t about religion – it’s about intimidation” – as if religion seldom dealt in threats.

“The circumstances of the world are continually changing, and the opinions of man change also; and as government is for the living, and not for the dead, it is the living only that has any right in it.”

– from “The Rights of Man” by Thomas Paine

Time mag did a bit on our billboards: “Atheist Organization Decks Billboards With Christmas Jeer”

If you kiss their ass, just a little harder, they’ll start to like you. #never

“Religious Freedom” gives you the right to faith yourself, not to faith others. #secular

#Lamy Safari #FountainPen , #Moleskine #notebook

above: what I’m writing with today, my Lamy Safari and a little Moleskine notebook


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