thoughts, asides, besides…19 Dec ’14

How does a nose hair go from nonexistent to 3 feet long overnight?


One can excuse any opinion or action with a reference to a “sacred” text or utterance. They’re very convenient.

#atheist #antitheist

My atheist/skeptical outlook became much more clear and focused years ago when I studied and then adopted a (metaphysically) naturalistic viewpoint.

The realization that not only was one group of beliefs (Christianity) nonsense, but that there was no reliable evidence for the existence of supernatural beings, phenomena, or realms of any kind helped put things in focus. I was able to free up a lot of time wondering if, in fact, paranormal or miracle claims might have something to them, something that everyone had missed. I saw that while often claimants truly believed what they said (while often they were cons, frauds), that their claims are just not independently verifiable. We are left with bare assertion, often sincere but bare assertion still.

We needn’t spend time and energy worrying over endless gods and magic. There is still much to learn but we needn’t waste our time on the dead ends of supernaturalist hokum. We live in a world of natural wonder, nothing less.

#atheist #skeptic #secular

What I’m writing with today: My beautiful new Airmail 444

Beautiful Airmail 444 #FountainPen

Take care…


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