on demanding justice of the void

Heaven, Hell, the judgement of the living and the dead, karma, other similar concepts – attempts, some more noble than others, at making justice an attribute of the universe.

The universe though, as far as we know, isn’t just. There’s no evidence to suggest that the bully gets his comeuppance in some future state, or that the poor and hopeless enjoys an afterlife of luxury.

The universe doesn’t care for the fate of an individual galaxy, much less the fate of an individual creature on a small planet. The universe doesn’t appear to care whether anything that happens is in the least bit fair. The universe doesn’t listen to the cries of the aggrieved.

“Justice” is a concept happened upon by conscious creatures and refined by professional philosophers and academics but certainly not invented by them (observe the play of a group of small children some time).

To look at the stars, or the earth, or natural processes, and beg for or demand favorable outcomes for a specific individual or group may be a natural inclination. Prayer, fervent wishing, may be poetic or romantic or even beautiful (though often as not it is ugly, brutish, petty) but there’s no reason to think it has any real discoverable effect outside of oneself, real actions, and natural events.

We discover, manufacture, and develop ideas of justice. We are the ones that grant justice, if there’s any to be had.


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