Big Birds and Poop Beaks

Rachel Being Chatty posted some tips on how not to die from pissed off ostrich. I have some experience with the birds (not tons, just some) and so just had to toss in my 2 cents on how not meet your end via pissed off giant bird:

My parents raised ostriches, after I left home. I helped with them some, built some fence, that sort of thing. I didn’t like that they would peck at you, and the rest of the time they were pecking on the ground, where they did their business. So it wasn’t only the pain of being pecked at but the stuff that was on the end of their beaks.

One way we were told to keep them at bay was to “become bigger (taller) than them.” This could be accomplished by simply holding up a broomstick or other long handled tool.


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