Some secular organizations and individuals took part in a Twitterstorm of the hashtag #ReligiousFreedomIs for one hour this afternoon. Here are my contris:

#ReligiousFreedomIs the right to faith yourself, not the right to faith others.

#ReligiousFreedomIs The right to make ridiculous faith based claims and the right to ridicule those claims.

#ReligiousFreedomIs a term often misused by faith leaders attempting to excuse their abuses of others.

#ReligiousFreedomIs the freedom of the individual in their own mind and body.

#ReligiousFreedomIs the right to accurate information on any matter.

#ReligiousFreedomIs the complete and absolute separation of religion and government.

#ReligiousFreedomIs the right to marry who you want in spite of opposition from the Mormons and the Knights of Columbus.

#ReligiousFreedomIs the right of a faith leader to claim to be a moral authority even if his organization is known for corruption and abuse.

#ReligiousFreedomIs the right to make and experience art and entertainment that others don’t approve of.

#ReligiousFreedomIs why the United States IS NOT a Christian nation.

#ReligiousFreedomIs the right to denounce theology as bullshit.

#ReligiousFreedomIs the freedom to tell your child he’s free to laugh at deluded bullies who would threaten him with Hell.

#ReligiousFreedomIs openly snickering and looking around for the other atheists during the oh so solemn prayer.

Here are a few I wrote but didn’t tweet ‘cos the hour was up (I’ll probably tweet them later) :

#ReligiousFreedomIs the right to masturbate free of guilt.

#ReligiousFreedomIs the right to your own fantasies, free of guilt.

#ReligiousFreedomIs the ownership of your own mind.


2 thoughts on “#ReligiousFreedomIs

  1. Wow, intellectually, I am sort of on the opposite end of the spectrum from you in terms of how I engage my religious freedom, but I’m a post-enlightenment liberal and I agree with all of these, although I generally am not tempted to snicker, depending, of course, on the occasion! Incidentally, are you okay with being re-blogged?

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  2. Thanks for the comment Stephen. Thanks for asking about reblogging, please do so if you like, I’d be honored.

    In regards to snickering, I was trying to be a little funny but there’s also truth to it. On the occasions that I must be present at religious doings or listen to faith language I have to snicker and roll my eyes or be overcome with incredulous outrage.


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