I am the Dad of two boys. I am not raising them as atheists, that is not really an explicit goal I have. I AM however raising them as freethinkers. I want them to be able to hear an assertion or a sales pitch, and see if it has any basis in reality. I want them to be able to spot when someone is appealing to faith, or authority, or tradition, or is using guilt and emotional appeals. I want my sons, and as many others that I can influence, to see when these types of bogus arguments are being used, and to walk away from them.


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  1. It was important to me that M make a decision on religion, or not, on his own. He always identified as agnostic, which is what I am, but going to church with girlfriends over the years made him realize that he was an atheist after all. He would still go to church with them anyway, to spend time with them during and after.

    The last straw for him was a service where the pastor said agnostics were soft atheists who were hedging their bets. M didn’t appreciate anyone’s beliefs, or lack of, being judged so he stopped going altogether and eventually he and the girl broke up.

    (I know there are atheists who feel that way, but unless you know my history and why I’m agnostic, then it’s just another example of painting everyone with the same brush IMHO)


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