“THAT religion is stupid and horrible. YOU MUST RESPECT MY RELIGION.”   – “Liberal” faithers

Neither Netanyahu nor the Pope have any business addressing the US Congress. They should spend that time instead undressing each other. #HotPrimeMinisterOnPopeAction

“But without God there’s no meaning…” We’ve seen plenty of your god’s meaning, let’s try something less mean.

Researchers find that men are more narcissistic. Whatever, I look good.


2 thoughts on “#rambling

  1. I don’t mind the President going out to meet other world leaders, religious or not. It’s just the way the world works. But I agree that addressing US Congress is strange. Addressing the UN makes sense too. But addressing lawmakers in the US? Hopefully they don’t start inviting in CEOs.

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  2. Yes Scott. Certainly the President meeting leaders and representatives, at the white house and on trips, has long been a practice. And CEO’s, oh my… 🙂


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