My address to the Boone County Commission, delivered yesterday during the comment period of a scheduled commission meeting, regarding the status of a Desert Storm Memorial which includes an ichthyus (Jesus Fish) on the county courthouse grounds:

It’s good, it’s a public good, to remember and honor those who have made sacrifices.

But the Jesus Fish is a well known sectarian symbol

Such symbols are rallying points for those who identify with them and the dogmas tied to them. The effect of sectarian symbols on those spaces, is to claim them for their specific group and particular dogmas.

When placed on public, government property, a sectarian symbol gives its group and their peculiar viewpoints, official sanction, status. It signals to all others, that they’re outsiders. It’s effect in the public square, as in the private, is to create an in group and an out group. To drive a wedge through the community.

A representative government can’t be in the business of promoting, of sanctioning, specific sectarian ideologies.

The Fish must go.

Thank you.


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