What do I think of THIS Pope? Let me see.

*sees that the catechism of the Roman Catholic Church still says “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered” and that ““Under no circumstances can they (gay relationships) be approved”*

*sees that the catechism still condemns contraception and fertility treatments, and promotes a whacko approach to human relations.*

*sees that the catechism still calls for civil authorities to censor art and literature it doesn’t approve of.*

*sees that the catechism still says that those of us who don’t convert deserve to be, and will be, tortured (for eternity no less) and that this is a good thing.*

This is what popes sell.

Popes, priests, preachers, theologians, apologists, and all who sell this crap to people who trust them, and try to bend our secular society to this load of nonsense, suck.

Some popes care more for PR than others. Popes change, the catechism remains the same


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