rambling 16 Aug 2016

There were plenty of faithers around when I was a kid but I never heard “have a bless-ed day” or “I’m blessed” in everyday conversation – when did that shit start?

Watching an ideology consume a friend, knowing the ideology will make them despise you

Left wing politics is a popular religion among those who’ve lost religion

hate the term “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs” ‘cos the “eggs” are usually people and the omelette some sky-pie bullshit

My lack of faith #ThingsIEnjoyIn4Words

Writing in my notebooks #ThingsIEnjoyIn4Words

Writing with fountain pens #ThingsIEnjoyIn4Words

Anything condemned by do-gooders #ThingsIEnjoyIn4Words

Por no gra phy #ThingsIEnjoyIn4Words